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Bay Area cities are required by law to get to zero trash in the Bay by 2022, but so far they’re falling woefully short.

There are three basic steps for any Bay Area city to get on the path to Zero Trash:

  • Cities must cut some pollution at the source. For example, banning disposable plastic bags has been a huge step forward for most Bay Area cities.
  • They must clean up the streets—think street sweepers and community cleanup crews.
  • And they must capture the rest of it in the stormwater system before it gets flushed out to the Bay to pollute our water and wreak havoc for wildlife.

These solutions aren’t free and they aren’t easy—but they are absolutely critical to protecting our Bay and our region from the toxic pollution that flows from our streets. No more excuses.

Tell your city leaders: They need to live up to the law and get on the path to Zero Trash.

“I support my city in getting to zero trash. Count me in.”


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