Take Action

Protect South Bay shoreline from massive development
Developers and the City of Newark want to pave over some of the most crucial restorable baylands for an 18-hole golf course and 500 luxury homes. Despite objections from citizens and state and federal agencies, the Newark City Council voted unanimously in December to move forward. Now, the main agency that stands in the way of this disaster is the Regional Water Board. Tell the Water Board to deny permits for this development.

Call on your city to pass an outdoor smoking ban
Toxic tobacco litter is one of the worst pollution problems facing the Bay today. Every day, thousands of cigarette butts are casually flicked into gutters. From there, they wash into the Bay, polluting our water, harming wildlife, and costing taxpayers millions to clean up. Tell your city to stop this litter at the source, by adopting and enforcing an outdoor smoking ban that keep butts off our streets and out of our Bay. 

Protect our shores from sea level rise
Our region is at risk. Scientists predict that by 2050 sea levels will rise 16 inches along the Bay shoreline, and as much as 55 inches by the end of the century. A 40 inch rise in sea levels would eliminate 3,100 acres of wildlife habitat along the Bay shoreline, threaten 89 schools and hospitals, shut down 1,780 miles of roads, put 270,000 homes under water, and cost our region $50 billion. Pledge your support for a region-wide effort to protect our communities from rising tides. 

Kick the Bag Habit!
Californians use an estimated 19 billion plastic bags per year. Only five percent of these are recycled. Once upon a time, everyone brought their own grocery bags. It's easy, but in the U.S., we're out of practice. With a little incentive, we can kick our bag habits together. Urge your elected officials to end the free distribution of single-use plastic and paper bags today!


Don't let street litter become Bay Trash!
Street litter becomes Bay trash as it flows into storm drains and creeks. Commonly littered items such as plastic bags, Styrofoam food containers, and cigarette butts are collected in large quantities each year on Coastal Cleanup Day. We need to stop litter at its source – sign the petition to urge your Mayor to crack down on Bay trash and make cleaning up the Bay a priority.