SEED: Students Engaging in Ecological Design

About SEED

Save The Bay's SEED service learning program engages middle and high school students in the complete cycle of tidal marsh restoration in San Francisco Bay, from seeds to ecosystems. Students will use these field experiences as a lens for understanding the process of ecosystem restoration.

The SEED program requirements: minimum 15 and maximum 35 students, grade levels: 3rd-12th, one teacher.

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Complete the SEED Cycle

Three field trips
Seasonal field-based projects including seed collection, propagation, planting natives, and invasive weed removal take place at Save The Bay’s restoration sites & native plant nursery. Check out our map of local restoration sites and help spread the word about the SEED program at your school by posting our SEED flyer!

One classroom lesson

This interactive classroom lesson is designed to familiarize students with the San Francisco Bay salt marsh ecosystem and provide a basic overview of restoration ecology and natural landscape design.

Girls collecting seeds

Do Some SEED Study

The following lessons are from Earth Partnership for School's Curriculum and U.S Fish and Wildlife's Schoolyard Habitat project guide and have been adapted for California by Save The Bay educators.

Please select two or more of these lessons to integrate into your classroom to support your students' in designing a schoolyard habitat.

  1. Ecosystem Observations (Cards)
  2. Ecosystem Observations (instructions)
  3. Mapping your Schoolyard
  4. Site Analysis
  5. Designing a Restoration
  6. Creating your Master Plan

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What Schools are Saying About SEED

"The best part of our Save The Bay experience was returning multiple times to the same place. The Bay has become part of my students' vocabulary - they've been interested in planting and also acknowledge impact of activities on our ecosystem."

- Myra Vallianos, 8th grade teacher at E.C. Reems Academy

"Thank you for letting us grow plants. I had so much fun. I want to go back and see our plants get really big. My favorite parts were the camera game and of course planting. I think that at our school garden we have the sticky monkey plant we planted. I even taught my mom how to do the planting at my house. Thank you for inviting us, I really want to go back!"

- Selenne, 5th grader at East Palo Alto Charter School

Please Contact Us

The Restoration Education Staff at Save The Bay looks forward to hearing from you. We are very proud of our SEED program, eager to answer your questions, and excited to work with you to ensure that students throughout the Bay Area have the opportunity to protect and restore the San Francisco Bay! Please give us a call anytime at 510-463-6805 or email our Restoration Education Specialist at

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