Don’t let street litter become Bay trash!

dont litterPlastic trash and cigarette butts do not belong in our creeks and the Bay, but are found there in staggering amounts. Our cities must take action now to protect our precious wetlands and wildlife from being suffocated by trash.

Plastic bags blow from our streets into storm drains and flow out into the Bay every day, entangling birds and marine life, threatening sensitive habitat, and spoiling water quality. Styrofoam, and other forms of polystyrene packaging, is the second most abundant form of beach debris in California; and rather than biodegrading, it breaks into small pieces that wildlife mistake for food and eat. And cities spend millions of dollars each year cleaning up cigarette butts. Every year on Coastal Cleanup Day, staggering amounts of this toxic, plastic litter are collected by volunteers.

This trash pollution in the Bay begins as litter in the streets. That is why cities must phase out the use of single-use plastic products and find ways to keep cigarettes our of our storm drains. 

Please sign the petition calling on Bay Area Mayors and City Councils to crack down on Bay trash!

Petition language:

"I urge Bay Area Mayors and City Councils to prioritize ordinances banning Styrofoam and plastic bags and work to enact and enforce policies that keep cigarette butts out of our Bay. Our Bay is too precious to trash."

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