Restore Wetlands

Wetlands are the heart and lungs of the Bay—improving water quality, providing wildlife habitat, inviting families to enjoy trails and open space, and protecting our communities from flooding.

Most Bay wetlands have been destroyed. But today,
30,000 acres are ready and waiting to be restored.

In 2016, Bay Area voters passed a historic ballot measure that will generate $500 million to begin the process of restoring these vital wetlands and ensuring a cleaner, healthier Bay.


Video: Wetland restoration is working

What's New:

  • Community Based Restoration

    Community Based Restoration

    To restore the shoreline, Save The Bay engages community volunteers, schools and businesses in planting and scientific monitoring. 

  • Greening the Bay

    Why Wetland Restoration

    The Bay needs 100,000 acres of tidal marsh to thrive. Less than half that exists today. We plan to double Bay tidal marsh over the next 10 years.

  • Historic Measure AA Approved

    Historic Measure AA Approved

    This past June, Bay Area residents voted to pass Measure AA which will accelerate improvements around the Bay to benefit people, wildlife and the Bay Area economy.