Position Statements

California Drought and Bay-Delta Conservation

California is currently suffering from one of the most extreme droughts in the state’s history, and state and local agencies must take action to promote efficient water use and protect natural resources. Read more

Our quality of life and economy depend on a healthy San Francisco Bay, and a healthy San Francisco Bay depends in large part on fresh water from the Delta. Read more

Crude by Rail

Crude by Rail poses an imminent threat to the health and vitality of San Francisco Bay wildlife, and the millions who live in our region. Read more

Non-Petroleum Spill Response

Save The Bay strongly supports SB 718, which would authorize California's Office of Spill Prevention and Response to approve borrowing from the Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund (OSPAF) for the purpose of wildlife rehabilitation and rescue in the event of a spill of a non-petroleum based substance. SB 718 provides for resources for rapid response, with reimbursement from responsible parties once identified.