Plastic Industry Back Off

The multi-billion dollar plastic bag industry is putting profits over the health of the Bay, the ocean and wildlife.

The plastics industry is infiltrating local communities, blocking proposals that limit the use of plastic bags and suing cities that attempt to ban or require a fee on single-use bags.

In fact, the plastic bag industry has sued or threatened to sue several cities including Oakland, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach!

Recently, the plastic bag industry gave significant campaign contributions to key legislators leading up to the vote on AB 1998 -- California's statewide bill to ban plastic bags. Through these timely donations and intense lobbying, the plastic industry was able to defeat the bill. And these same lobbyists continue to spread misinformation to confuse consumers. Read Save The Bay's Myth vs. Fact sheet to see the plastics industry's lies debunked.

These industry lobbyists are using strong-arm tactics to discourage cities from enacting policies to protect our environment and livability. It’s time to stop them in their tracks. Show the plastics industry that you choose the Bay over the Bag!

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