Keep butts out of our Bay

Call on your city to pass an outdoor smoking ban

Heron with a cigarette

Toxic tobacco litter is one of the worst pollution problems facing the Bay today. Every day, thousands of cigarette butts are casually flicked into gutters. From there, they wash into the Bay, polluting our water, harming wildlife, and costing taxpayers millions to clean up.

That’s why we’re calling on cities throughout the Bay Area to stop this litter at the source, by adopting and enforcing outdoor smoking bans that keep butts off our streets and out of our Bay.

We know a local approach can work because we’ve done it before. Over the past four years we have led most Bay Area communities to ban single use plastic bags, forcing deep reductions in trash pollution in San Francisco Bay. By working locally, we can repeat this success with cigarette butts.

But we can’t get there unless concerned people just like you raise their voices. Help us turn the tide on cigarette pollution by telling your city’s leaders to adopt and enforce an outdoor smoking ban.

I’m one of many Bay Area residents concerned about the effects of cigarette litter on our environment, wildlife, and water quality.

Rather than spending millions of dollars to clean up this mess, our city should eliminate cigarette litter at the source by adopting an outdoor smoking ban or more effectively enforcing the policies we already have in place. Limiting outdoor smoking will keep our citizens and our environment safe and our creeks clean and beautiful.

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