Greening the Bay


Greening The Bay

In 2007, Save The Bay released a groundbreaking report on the long-term needs to restore and protect San Francisco Bay. Greening The Bay underlined that the Bay needs 100,000 acres of tidal marsh habitat to be healthy, but that less than half that number exists. The report also identified the need for creation of a new source of local funding to support this work. With only limited state and federal resources, progress toward restoration has been far slower than necessary. It’s time for new approaches to jump start restoration of the Bay, to ensure that this incredible resource will continue to support people and wildlife for generations to come. 

Save The Bay worked with the California Legislature and supporters from business, government, and environmental organizations to create the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, a regional body with the power to raise and allocate much needed local resources for the “restoration, enhancement, protection, and enjoyment of wetlands and wildlife habitat in the San Francisco Bay and along its shoreline.”

“Local funding is crucial to protect the Bay’s natural shorelines, safeguard homes and businesses from flooding, and create thousands of jobs in our communities.”
                                 -- Jim Wunderman, President & CEO of the Bay Area Council