BEST: Bay Environmental Stewardship Training

About BEST

Save The Bay's BEST program develops leadership skills in upper level high school students by training them to be educators and mentors for younger learners in the field of ecological restoration. Mentors model environmentally responsible behaviors and collaborate with other emerging environmental leaders.

The BEST program requirements: minimum 15 and maximum 35 students, mentor grade levels: 11-12th, one mentor teacher. Mentee grade levels: 5-9th, one mentee teacher.

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Be the BEST Learners

The following leadership handbook contains lessons that are aligned with California State Science Content Standards.

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Do Your BEST

Two field trips
(one mentor & one mentor/mentee)
Students will instruct students on various aspects of wetland ecology, restoration and native planting at our local restoration sites. Check out our map of local restoration sites and help recruit the BEST schools by posting our flyer.

1 classroom lesson
(by Save The Bay)
This interactive classroom lesson is designed to familiarize students with the San Francisco Bay salt marsh ecosystem and provide a basic overview of restoration ecology.

 What Schools Are Saying About BEST

"I like that I'm helping the animals. Their homes are gone because of the buildings. I don't want anyone taking up my home."

-- Alex, student at Emery Secondary School

"I would do this again with friends because we're making a difference that could change the wetlands."

-- Samantha, student at Emery Secondary School

"This was a great team-building, hands-on, and first-hand experience with classroom content. Planting, coupled with students doing the training, were the most useful restoration education activities for my class."

-- Julie Edwards, High School teacher, Emery Secondary School

Please Contact Us

The Restoration Education Staff at Save The Bay looks forward to hearing from you. We are very proud of our BEST program, eager to answer your questions, and excited to work with you to ensure that students throughout the Bay Area have the opportunity to protect and restore the San Francisco Bay! Please give us a call anytime at 510-463-6805 or email our Restoration Education Specialist at

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