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Plastic Bags in the News

San Jose Mercury News
San Jose could become a leader in the movement to phase out the bags that stay with us forever
September 21, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle
Plastic bags found to severely threaten bay
By Kelly Zito
September 15, 2009

San Jose Mercury News
'Save the Bay' unveils annual list of most-polluted local waterways
By Tracy Seipel
September 15, 2009

San Mateo County Times
San Mateo, Burlingame parks among Bay's 10 worst trash hot spots
By Julia Scott
September 15, 2009

New York Times
Our Plastic Legacy Afloat
August 27, 2009

Miami Herald
What to do about those grocery store plastic bags
By Edwoard Eveld, Ann Spivak and Tim Engle
July 12, 2009

Seattle Times
Edmonds council votes for plastic-bag ban
By Lynn Thompson
June 4, 2009

The Washington Post
D.C. Council Votes to Assess 5-Cent Bag Tax
By Tim Craig
June 2, 2009

Los Angeles Daily News
Better than a ban: Small fee on plastic shopping bags creates incentives for conserving
May 21, 2009

New York Times
Lawmakers Consider Statewide Tax on Disposable Shopping Bags
By Gregory B. Hladky
May 17, 2009

Mother Jones
Left Holding the (Plastic) Bag
By Casey Lyons
May/June 2009

USA Today
Makers of plastic bags to use 40% recycled content by 2015
By Bruce Horovitz
April 20, 2009

The Huffington Post
The Bay vs. the Bag: Only One Side Can Win
By David Lewis
April 14, 2009

San Jose Mercury News
Battle over plastic bags focuses on San Jose
By Karen De Sa
April 14, 2009

Bay City News
Anti-plastic bag campaign puts recycling woes, proposed city fee front and center
April 14, 2009

Washington Post
You Can Wrap That Red Herring in a Plastic (or Paper) Bag
By Marc Fisher
April 2, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Enviros, plastic industry ready to battle over bag fee
By Chris Grygiel
April 1, 2009

Sacramento Bee
Free grocery bags targeted for extinction in California
By Jim Downing
August 25, 2008

Battle of the Bags
How the plastics industry uses lobbying and legal threats to turn plastic bag prohibitions into voluntary recycling drives
By Kari Huus
March 13, 2008

New York Times
Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags
By Elisabeth Rosenthal
February 2, 2008