Protect our Shores

Our region is at risk. Scientists predict that by 2050 sea levels will rise 16 inches along the Bay shoreline, and as much as 55 inches by the end of the century. What does this actually mean?

A 40 inch rise in sea levels would eliminate 3,100 acres of wildlife habitat along the Bay shoreline, threaten 89 schools and hospitals, shut down 1,780 miles of roads, put 270,000 homes under water, and flood iconic landmarks like the San Francisco Ferry Building. This kind of devastation would cost our region $50 billion.

We can prevent this damage from happening. Scientists say that restoring Bay wetlands will help keep our Bay Area shoreline communities safe. Healthy wetlands provide a natural buffer against storms and sea level rise by acting as sponges to absorb excess water along the Bay shoreline.

That’s why we’re working toward restoring 100,000 acres of tidal marsh around the Bay. We’re nearly halfway there, but we need the support of the entire region to do it. Pledge your support for a region-wide effort to restore Bay wetlands and protect our communities from rising tides.

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I am concerned about the risks of flooding in the Bay Area and am one of many Bay Area residents who supports regional funding to restore Bay wetlands and protect our region from sea level rise.

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