Bay Investors Council

The Bay Investors Council consists of individuals who invest in restoring the health of San Francisco Bay. We support Save The Bay financially and introduce Save The Bay to new friends. Members also celebrate the Bay with enjoyable and educational events each year.

For more information about the Bay Investors Council, please contact:

Katie Reitter
Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy
(510) 463-6837


Restore Bay Habitat

Tidal marsh wetlands are the lungs of the bay, giving life to hundreds of fish and wildlife species, cleansing pollutants from the Bay, preventing erosion, and creating a vibrant, beautiful shoreline. Restoring tidal marshes helps our region prepare for the sea level rise we anticipate by 2050. Save The Bay and it’s supporters helped pass historic Measure AA with more than 70 percent of the vote, which will generate $500 million in funds for Bay wetland restoration over the next 20 years. This is the biggest win for San Francisco Bay in decades, bringing the region closer to realizing the 100,000 acres of restored wetlands that scientists agree are needed to keep the Bay healthy.

Bay Smart Communities

Save The Bay is helping cities meet new standard with nature-based solutions to that also reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, address sea-level rise risks to disadvantaged communities and expand public access to the shoreline.

Shape the Agenda for the Next Generation

For the 2015-2016 school year, 98% of surveyed teachers reported students learned the importance of habitat restoration for improving the health and diversity of the Bay ecosystem, and 100% of respondents said their Save The Bay instructor was knowledgeable about content and issues. One Oakland-based teacher commented that Save The Bay’s Seed experience is an “engaging program that taught kids to be stewards to the Earth.”

For more information on our strategic priorities, click here.


Upcoming member activities

To RSVP for any upcoming activities, please contact Katie Reitter at or 510-463-6837.

Bay Day VIP Catamaran Sail
Sunday, October 1, 2017, 5:30-8:30pm
With the popularity of last year’s inaugural Bay Investors Council sail, we thought it only appropriate that we make celebrating the Bay up close an annual tradition. To enable more Bay lovers to join, we are chartering a bigger catamaran and welcoming 80 of our closest donors and partners. Save the date for Sunday, October 1 for an evening sail out of Pier 39 in San Francisco!

To RSVP to the Bay Day VIP Catamaran Sail, click here.

Bay Investors Council Leadership Meeting
Date to be Announced
Interested in learning more about the Bay Investors Council?
Be part of an intimate gathering of Save The Bay leaders and explore ways to get more involved.

A quote from one of our Bay investors…

I love the San Francisco Bay because it is mysterious and ever changing, because it connects us to all the life it supports, to the land, to the air, to one another, and to our history. It is a constant companion that speaks to me of home. It reminds me of times past, loved ones departed, and of an ocean and larger world beyond. It triggers awe --always.

Thanks to the visionary founders, stalwart supporters, and super staff of Save the Bay, the historic passing of Measure AA, and all who continue to endeavor to preserve and protect it, our bay can tell us and all the world a story about the resilience of nature, benevolent human grit, and the redemptive power of thoughtful collective action. For that, I am immensely grateful. Let's show the bay our love.”

— Nancy Fee, Bay Investors Council member

Current Members:

Isabel Allende
John Basye & Barbara Hewitt
Kay Baum & David Stuhr
Leyna Bernstein & Brian Parker
Marilyn & Bruce Blackie
Robert Braddock
Patricia Brennan
Dr. James Brooks & Ms. Sukey Bryan
Janet Brown
Carol Deitrich
Raj & Helen Desai
Nancy Fee
Donald Fowler
Michael Gallagher & Ruth Shapiro
Al Garren
Karen & Ned Gilhuly
Ken Greenberg & Clara Gerdes
Benjamin Hammett
Jane Hammond & John Skonberg
Deirdre & Chris Hockett
Lorraine Honig
Drs Alegria & Mary Page Hufty
Toni Ihara & Jake Warner
Cynthia Jamplis
Jerry A. Jedlicka
Thomas Jordan
Patricia H. Kelso
Kate Kerriker Jaffe and Chris Jaffe
James Koshland
JoAnn Kukulus & Fred Wiener
Joan Lane
Janet Larson

Bill & Carol Leimbach
Park L. Loughlin
Samuel Luoma & Elaine Dorward-King
Bebe McRae
Dean J. & Ingrid M. Meniktas
Harrison Miller
Elizabeth Milliken
Dr. Nancy Milliken
Gordon E. & Betty I. Moore
John & Tashia Morgridge
Masako Nagumo
R. Fabian & Caroline Pease
The Honorable William K. & Elizabeth Reilly
Kathryn G. Riddell
Elizabeth Boardman Ross
Guy & Jeanine Saperstein
Werner Schumann
Stephen M. Silberstein
John M. Sobrato
Mark Stevens
Paul & Helen Stone
Nancy Strauch
Mark & Susan Stutzman
Lynda Sullivan & Mark Sachleben
Judge John Sutter
Stephen & Penelope Thompson
Anne & Greg Toth
Jeanne Ware
Don Weden
Jack Weeden
Peggy & Lee Zeigler

Listing as of 8.01.17


Giving Levels:

In order to become part of the Bay Investors Council, members provide annual support for Save The Bay at one of these levels:

2,500 5,000 10,000+

Member Benefits:

Bay Investors Council members are top investors and stakeholders in Save The Bay’s mission and we are proud to offer a variety of benefits to engage with our programs:

  • 30 minute conference calls with current Save The Bay updates
  • Invitation to an exclusive outing to experience wetlands with other members by land or by sea
  • Networking with like-minded Bay Investors Council members
  • Named recognition as Bay Investors Council member at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level.
  • and more!

Inaugural Bay Investors Council Sail 10.1.2016