Why Support?


Donor support has helped Save The Bay to achieve the following successes for San Francisco Bay:

  • Secured the first-ever regulations to require Bay Area cities to reduce the trash they discharge into the Bay through untreated storm water.
  • Convinced Governor Schwarzenegger to establish the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, which will generate funds for Bay wetland restoration—a giant step toward realizing our vision of 100,000 acres of restored wetlands.
  • Launched a major campaign to reduce the number of plastic bags that clog our Bay each year, smothering wetlands and entangling animals.
  • Designed a Restoration Education Program that provides 2,000 Bay Area students and 60 teachers with inspiring and educational experiences annually.

Photo: Russ Juskalian

Goals for the Future

Your support is needed more than ever before to protect the Bay - because San Francisco Bay is threatened by pollution, urban sprawl and inappropriate development proposals.

Photo: Russ Juskalian


Your support this year will help us to:

  • Continue to make progress to stop Cargill’s plans to build a city in the Bay.
  • Reduce toxic runoff pollution through education, outreach and strong policy campaigns, including the Clean Bay Project, Save The Bay's initiative to replicate innovative and effective pollution prevention programs around the Bay.
  • Implement tough new bans on the use of plastic bags by Bay Area cities.
  • Restore natural wetlands that create natural buffers against sea level rise and provide habitat for wildlife, making progress towards our vision of re-establishing 100,000 acres of healthy wetlands encircling the Bay.
  • Inspire environmental activism by students, teachers and community members who participate in our programs and volunteer efforts.