Pollution Prevention

Many people don’t know that pollution from our own homes, cars and neighborhoods is one of the greatest threats to the Bay. When motor oil, pet waste, trash, and other pollutants are not properly disposed of, they are washed by the rain into storm drains and flow directly into the Bay.

Drains to the Bay
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Featured Initiatives

The Bay vs. The Bag

Every year, an estimated one million plastic bags end up in the Bay. Watch the movie and take action today.




Bay Area Bag and Styro Bans: Is Your City on the Map?

More and more cities and counties are taking a stand against plastic pollution in the Bay. Our map shows which cities and counties in the Bay Area have already banned the use of plastic bags and/or Styrofoam food containers and what each ordinance entails.


Clean Bay Project

We're helping the 100 cities and nine counties surrounding the Bay adopt best practice programs to reduce urban runoff pollution.



Bay Trash Hot Spots

Trash and marine debris threaten San Francisco Bay and the wildlife that depend on it. These Bay Trash Hot Spots show some of the worst trash pollution in San Francisco Bay.



They Don't Do it to You!

Are YOU polluting the Bay?  In a series of surprising and humorous ads, Save The Bay’s campaign educates residents about the largest source of Bay pollution – toxic pollutants from Bay Area residents’ homes, cars and neighborhoods.

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The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and Kaiser Permanente