Peninsula/South Bay

You can have fun outdoors, learn about the Bay and help us protect it by joining one of our on-the-Bay programs. Sign up below to volunteer to restore natural wetland habitats by hand at several sites around San Francisco Bay.

Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling a special volunteer program for your corporate or community group.

Be a Part of History at Ravenswood Pond (Menlo Park)

Sat May 9, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 2015, Free
Ravenswood Pond (Menlo Park)

Volunteer to be a part of the largest wetland restoration project on the West Coast, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project! This Saturday, we need your support to help a managed pond thrive where a wetland ecosystem was disastrously lost. We will remove invasive, weedy species from our restoration site to ensure the health of native seedlings as summer begins. Native plants provide necessary habitat for bird species like the threatened Western Snowy Plover. The future of this bird depends on our actions now in sites like Ravenswood Pond.

Midweek Staycation at the Palo Alto Baylands Native Plant Nursery (Palo Alto)

Wed May 13, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 2015, Free
Palo Alto Baylands (Palo Alto)

Rejuvenate your schedule with a mid-week getaway to the Bay!Volunteers willhelp us cultivate the next generation of native seedlings at Save The Bay’s native plant nursery. Take a break from the usual daily grind and dig into some potting soil. Once you’ve experienced the Eco-therapy that the Baylands provides, the stress of your daily routine will fall away.

24th Annual National River Cleanup Day at Watson Park (San Jose)

Sat May 16, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 2015, Free
Other (Bay Area)

Every day, runoff pollution from our streets and neighborhoods- including plastic bags, Styrofoam food containers, and cigarette butts, washes into storm drains and flows through creeks, where it discharges into the Bay untreated. This is the single largest source of Bay pollution. On National River Cleanup Day, join Save The Bay in removing this toxic litter from our creeks and rivers before it has a chance to reach our Bay. Come out and help create a healthier Bay for all of us!

National Invasive Species Awareness Week (Hayward/Union City)

Sat Jun 6, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 2015, Free
Eden Landing (Hayward/Union City)

As human populations become more interconnected and globalized, they spread non-native species to new locations where they may thrive and take over, threatening the native flora and fauna that supports a healthy ecosystem. Invasive species often have severe ecological impacts and are a major threat in the San Francisco Bay. According the Nature Conservancy, San Francisco Bay is the most invaded aquatic region in the world! Counteract this staggering fact by helping us to restore native wetland habitat as we remove invasive species at Eden Landing.

So Long Spring at the Palo Alto Native Plant Nursery (Palo Alto)

Wed Jun 10, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 2015, Free
Palo Alto Baylands (Palo Alto)

The rains have gone and the sun has blessed us with its gentle rays. Summer is on its way so don’t forget to bring the sunscreen when you volunteer with Save The Bay. Volunteers will enjoy an afternoon by the Bay while sowing the seeds for the next generation of native plants, as well as cultivating and transplanting seedlings already established within the nursery.

Wetland Restoration In Honor of Ralph Nobles at Bair Island (Redwood City)

Sat Jun 13, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 2015, Free
Bair Island (Redwood City)

Join us for a special restoration event honoring the life of Ralph Nobles, a Founding Member of Save The Bay and nuclear physicist of the Manhattan project who passed away in February 2015. As a resident of Redwood City for nearly half a century, Mr. Nobles led efforts to save the wetlands of San Francisco Bay from development. In 1981, he successfully led the fight to prevent Mobil Oil’s proposed development of Bair Island.

Get Outside for Sunglasses Day at Palo Alto Baylands (Palo Alto)

Sat Jun 27, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 2015, Free
Palo Alto Baylands (Palo Alto)

Help us celebrate Sunglasses Day this Saturday at the Palo Alto Baylands. With summer in full swing it’s time to show off your favorite pair of shades at this reclaimed salt pond. Complete your summer look with a trowel and a watering cup and help us sow native seed. Whether you end up getting your hands dirty by pulling invasive weeds or watering, you will look fabulous as you do your part to help the Bay stay healthy and beautiful. We hope to celebrate this day with you as it’s sure to be a great opportunity to do something good and look good doing it.