Message from the Executive Director

Photo: Russ Juskalian

Save The Bay was started over 50 years ago by three brave women who had an "impossible" idea – that people, working together, could prevent the Bay from being destroyed.

Our founders were right.  They led tens of thousands of people in a citizens' movement that saved the Bay from being filled to a narrow river.  Save The Bay’s success improved the quality of life and economy of the Bay Area, and inspired new environmental organizations throughout the nation.

I am so grateful for all that my parents and their generation did to save the Bay for me and my children.  And I am proud of the ambitious challenges Save The Bay is tackling now to make the Bay cleaner and healthier for people and wildlife: stopping plans to fill more of the Bay; preventing trash and other runoff pollution; and restoring 100,000 acres of tidal marsh habitat.

Our community of supporters is responsible for everything Save The Bay has accomplished, so I encourage you to get more involved and help us protect and restore the Bay.

Our website is a great resource where you can learn about and explore the Bay, take action to help make the Bay healthier, volunteer your time and energy along the shoreline, and connect on-line with our community of more than 25,000 supporters.

I encourage you to learn more about us and stay informed by signing up to receive updates and action alerts.  And join Save The Bay or make a donation to support our efforts.

With your help, we’ll make even more progress for the Bay in our next 50 years!


Thank you,

David Lewis
Executive Director