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Environmental Education

Inspiring Future Bay Stewards
Each year we bring 2,000 students into the wetlands where they learn about Bay science, their connection to the Bay and ways that they can protect it through unique and inspiring Restoration Education Programs. Save The Bay’s award-wining programs are derived from best practices and are aligned to the California Content Standards.

Wetland Restoration

Saving the Bay
With the ultimate goal of establishing 100,000 acres of healthy tidal marsh around the Bay, thousands of volunteers help us restore the Bay each year. Our hard-working volunteers are a key component to securing a healthy future for San Francisco Bay, its wildlife and the people who treasure it.

Wetland Restoration Projects
Our Community-based Restoration Program is designed by wetland scientists for volunteers to implement innovative restoration techniques to restore critical habitat and create natural buffers to reduce flooding from storm events and sea level rise.

Restoration Advocacy
Save The Bay advocates for strong and effective policies to “green the Bay” by securing funds for restoration and fighting to preserve restorable wetlands to establish 100,000 acres of healthy tidal marsh around San Francisco Bay.

Volunteer Now
Sign up to restore wetland habitat at several sites around the Bay.