Take Action

Save The Bay inspires community action by providing all residents with the chance to make a difference in their own backyards through advocacy and volunteer opportunities along the shoreline. 

Find out how you make a difference for San Francisco Bay. 

  • volunteers

    Volunteer with Save The Bay

    Our shoreline volunteers learn to collect seeds and grow wetland plants in our native plant nurseries, plant the seedlings at key sites along the Bay, and remove weeds and trash that threaten wildlife. 

  • Plastic Bag

    Plastic Bags and Styrofoam Bans

    Toxic plastic trash pollutes our waters and harms wildlife. It's getting better. Today, more than 76 percent of Bay Area residents live in communities that have banned plastic bags and 62 percent live in communities that have banned Styrofoam.

  • Cigarette Butts

    Stop Cigarette Litter

    Millions of the more than 3 billion cigarette butts littered annually wash into the Bay, polluting the water, harming wildlife, and costing taxpayers millions to clean up. 

  • San Francisco Bay at Risk

    Sea Level Rise

    Bay shoreline communities face increasing risk of flooding and rising sea levels More than $50 billion in homes, businesses, roads, and bridges are threatened. 

  • Bay vs. Golf Course

    Bay vs. Golf Course

    The City of Newark plans to fill more than 300 acres of some of the last remaining historic baylands in the South Bay to build 500 houses and an 18-hole golf course. Take action to stop this plan.  

  • Birds on the shoreline

    Don't Pave My Bay

    Cargill’s plan to pave over Redwood City’s restorable salt ponds is the biggest threat to the Bay in 50 years. Tell Cargill to halt its plan now and sell or donate the salt ponds to be fully restored.